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Account and Project Management

ALCF resources are primarily used for DOE INCITE and ALCC awarded projects. Additional information on the INCITE program can be found on the DOE INCITE website and the ALCC program can be found on the Office of Science website. Projects with INCITE and ALCC awards will be contacted directly by the ALCF staff with information on creating accounts.

Non-INCITE projects may be able to obtain allocations from the Director's Discretionary Allocation process. See the Director's Discretionary (DD) Program page for more information.

Requesting an Allocation

Request an Allocation: Information on how to apply for each available allocation program

Allocation Resources

While requesting an allocation, users can choose from:
Computes: Theta (KNL Node), ThetaGPU (GPU Node), and Cooley
File System: Grand and Eagle

Policy Information Related to Allocations

Requesting an Allocation Extension

If you would like to request a Director's Discretionary (DD) allocation, or if you are already a PI of a project that has one, you can request additional time using the request form (located on the page of the selected project).

Request More Allo